AI Enhanced Recruiting
Predictive. Efficient. Unbiased.
Hiring that gets you measurable results in:
  • Efficiency & Diversity: Young Professionals Recruiting
  • Profit Generation: Revenue Generating Roles
Why Seedlink?
Built on Interdisciplinary Research
Machine learning and AI guided by Computational Linguistics and Organizational Psychology for unbiased, predictive decision making.
Mature AI Built over 5 Years
Seedlink has been providing AI-based solution insights at scale for Fortune 500 Global clients since 2013.
(We didn’t “add” AI in 2018.)
How Seedlink Creates Value
+80% Hiring Efficiency
The machine speeds up your hiring process by recommending qualified, best match candidates for specific positions in your company. Seedlink transforms organization’s hiring process of all sizes, with high volume recruiting seeing +80% increase in selection efficiency.
+7% - 30% Retention Rate
Candidates selected by the smart, data-driven algorithm showed a significantly better culture fit and had higher job satisfaction with an improved retention rate. Retentions rates are improved across high to low turnover industries.
+29% Work Performance
The talent data that is processed by A.I. can be applied in a diverse talent strategy and used to develop employee performance based on your business needs. Average revenue per month for revenue generating roles see’s +29%.
We’re in the Media
The BBC covered the story of how L'Oreal uses Seedlink technology
"What we are really looking for in students is raw talent. You want people that are a better fit to your company culture, a better fit to the competencies that you are looking for."
Jacob Bonk
Recruitment Director, L'Oreal China
Seedlink helped Martha Flora on talent recruting
"By asking open-ended questions, the computer is able to use your answer to evaluate your potential... Whether you have a difficult surname, if your CV is perfect or which gender you are, these are no longer important factors."
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