The Story of Seedlink
Seedlink was built upon the vision of using technology to gain business success.

Seedlink was built upon the vision of using technology to gain insights on human behavior and applying them to the contribution of business success.

HR practices still follow old-fashion paradigm and employ outdated tools, despite the fact that technology has advanced so dramatically that it manages to have changed so many industries.

Companies struggle to find the right people and nurture the talent for the success of their business. They have invested a great deal of resource, and yet the gain is disproportionately less than expected.

On the other hand, job seekers are having a hard time finding companies they would really fit in. Many great talents are mismatched to companies where their skills become wasted, or misplaced to organizations culturally unfit to their personalities. Even worse, some of them are completely overlooked.

The conventional wisdom of HR is very subjective, depending a lot on human judgement. It cannot keep up with the fast and ever-changing information era we live in, because many of the theories on which the assessment tools are based came from last century. Moreover, the old practices can take up a lot of time and prove to be extremely inefficient.

People in Seedlink know this. That is why we want to change it and make a difference.

We developed a technology able to help recruiters find talents that are much more culturally fit to their organizations and possess skills the companies exactly need, all with data-driven objectivity free from any type of bias.

The software we built applies machine learning to recruitment. Using neural networks, it analyses gigabytes of data to produce models of ideal candidates. We then match candidates’ responses against our models to predict which candidates best fit our clients’ requirements. This way, HR executives are able to efficiently interview thousands of applicants through mobile and desktop. Better fits, faster with data driven insights.