The Frequently Asked Questions about Seedlink A.I.

Seedlink A.I. is an artificial intelligence software that helps companies predict applicants’ job fit by using smart algorithms and machine learning.

What does it do?

It benchmarks your good staff (internal top performers), and match your positions to applicants who are as good as these high performers.

How does this technology work for HR experts?

The technology employs language analytic algorithms and machine learning to analyze the internal top performers of the organization based on their linguistic traits, and then creates a Key Behavior Benchmarking Profile (‘profile’ for short) through artificial intelligence technology. The profile contains a list of staff who are seen as high performers; more important, it includes the crucial ‘behaviors’ that distinguish high performers from the rest of the analyzed group. At the last step, the profile is applied to new job applicants to predict their fit to the positions. Those who demonstrate certain behaviors similar to the profile are considered more suitable to the job than those who do not.

How does it help me find the right candidates?

It gives you a lot of information you would otherwise feel difficult to attain. Analyzing an applicant’s linguistic pattern can reveal plenty of useful information such as attitude, personality, logic, interest, literacy, communicational skills. These soft skills/traits are not as visible as hard skills, and can be really hard to identify. But the analysis on linguistic pattern helps you detect them, even without conscience of the studied subject.

What’s more, it provides you with an abundant supply of job candidates who actually fit your company culture and other requirements. Because the technology would study your own top performers before you reach out to external candidates, it actually helps you understand what type of people you truly need for your organization and what skills are required for the success of your business.

The software is very accurate and reliable. The data-driven analysis is free from human biases prevalent in face-to-face interview and thus reflects the fact in an objective manner. As research indicates, one paragraph of text of 100 words contains several hundreds of data points, depending on the combination and variation of words and phrases. Such richness of data is crunched by the system to ensure the precision of the result.

How does it relieve me from too much workload?

The system is extremely fast and saves your time tremendously. We have clients using our technology for their campus recruitment scheme. Hundreds of thousands of applications were fed into the system, and yet the workload of HR department actually decreased when using the software.

How do I create a Key Behavior Benchmarking Profile?

The software would study the pattern behind internal staff’s language. Meanwhile, these staff will be labeled/scored 1-5 with respect to certain behaviors. This can be done because staff’s performance records are known to the company. In this way, the software is trained to identify the good performers, and the pattern of their language is remembered by the system. Therefore a Key Behavior Benchmarking Profile is created.

Why can the system build such a profile, or what is the scientific foundation of it?

The smart algorithms are established on the solid foundation of language analytics which, as scientific research indicates, can be used as an accurate way to analyze personality. The way people express themselves and talk about things can subconsciously reveal their behavioral pattern thereby offering us insights into their unique perception, and the software utilizes this concept to analyze the language use of the internal staff, and thus is able to create the profile.

How do I apply the Key Behavior Benchmarking Profile to new applicants?

Certain ‘behaviors’ are included in the profile as relevant factors to the organization’s success. These behaviors have been reflected by the language pattern of internal top performers. For instance, many staff’s language patterns indicate a strong tendency toward leadership, therefore ‘demonstrating leadership’ is one behavior included in the profile.

Then, the software will detect the applicants’ language to see if there is indication of the desired behavior. For those whose language reflects strong leadership ability, the system will see them as qualified candidates, distinguishing them from the rest who do not show this pattern in their language.

How much does it cost?

The software is more cost-effective than most recruiting tools on the market. But specific price is subject to which package you purchase. Different packages apply to different application volume, thus should be used case by case. For detailed pricing scheme, please contact our staff for further explanation.

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